Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kindergarten Book Shopping Lists

Some of you may be finishing a reading unit of study that supports young readers to reread familiar picture books like Corduroy, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, or Caps for Sale by looking at the pictures and telling the story.  Now, through lots of repeated shared reading activities your students are probably ready to reread these familiar shared reading texts.  If you need some recommended titles for familiar shared reading or teaching ideas, see the list in this post from last fall.  Some kids too may be ready to read higher level books in your classroom library. 

You may be wondering how to manage and support these different needs.  I like to give kids personal shopping lists to keep in their book boxes or baggies.  Then, on the days they go into the library to shop for books, they will know how many books to choose from the different baskets. 

Here is a photo of one such bookmark from an inclusive kindergarten classroom.  Special thanks to the teachers Mia and Lisa.

Happy Book shopping everyone!

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