Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Books and Small Copies for Emergent Readers

Teachers with emergent readers will want to do plenty of shared reading throughout the school year.  You may be searching for some big books at lower levels or examples of experience charts so students can practice the following concepts about print as well as level A and B reading behaviors:
  • Locating front and back cover.
  • Directionality.
  • Return sweep.
  • Difference between letter and word.
  • Difference between pictures and words.
  • 1 to 1 matching.
  • Locating known high frequency words in the text.
  • Using the picture and meaning to help problem solve tricky parts.
Pictured below is a basket of familiar shared reading in small copies for emergent readers to reread during reading workshop:

Pictured below is an example of a familiar experience chart for emergent readers to reread during a read around the room activity during reading workshop:

Here is a list of some favorite big books at level A and B (and some above those levels) and small books to match.

from The Wright Group
Huggles Breakfast (A)                  0780257065
Huggles Can Juggle (A)               0780257073
Huggles Goes Away (A)              0780257081
Dinner (A)                                     0780257049

The Bridge (B)                              0780293649
Mrs. Wishy Washy's Tub  (B)      1404520341***
After School (B)                           0780270193

Dan the Flying Man (C)                1404541470
A Child's Day (C)                         0780245296
A Day at School (C)                     0780245245
Going to School (C)                      0780245237

The Farm Concert (D)                                          
Mr. Grump (D)                             0322039118*
Shopping (D)                                0780245261
The Snow (D)                               078024527X

The Meanies Came to School (E)  0780224035
Splishy-Sploshy (E)                                  ***
Dishy Washy (E)                                      ***
Mrs. Wishy Washy (E)                             ***
Wishy Washy Day (E)                             ***
Fall  (E)                                         0780270177
Spring (E)                                     0780270223

Move Over! (F)                            0780294459
One Stormy Night  (F)                0780208706
Mud Walk (F)                                        ***
The Scrubbing Machine (F)                  ***

*This is sold with a Big Book, 6-pack of small books, cassette, poster and teaching guide.
***  The Mrs. Wishy Washy Collection is purchased as a collection of Big Books under one ISBN Number.

Big Books and Little Copies at level A and B from Heinemann
My Big Bear (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01461-2 978-0-325-01461-6

My Family (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01463-9 978-0-325-01463-0
My Family (4 pack) 0-325-02337-9 978-0-325-02337-3

Making Soup (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01465-5 978-0-325-01465-4
Making Soup (4 pack) 0-325-02339-5 978-0-325-02339-7

The Baby Animals (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01467-1 978-0-325-01467-8
The Baby Animals (4 pack) 0-325-02341-7  978-0-325-02341-0

At the Market (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01469-8 978-0-325-01469-2
At the Market (4 pack) 0-325-02343-3  978-0-325-02343-4

Over the River (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01471-X 978-0-325-01471-5
Over the River (4 pack) 0-325-02345-X 978-0-325-02345-8

Funny Things (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01473-6 978-0-325-01473-9
Funny Things (4 pack) 0-325-02347-6 978-0-325-02347-2

Mouse (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01475-2 978-0-325-01475-3
Mouse (4 pack) 0-325-02349-2 978-0-325-02349-6

Rex (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01477-9 978-0-325-01477-7
Rex (4 pack) 0-325-02351-4 978-0-325-02351-9

Mop (lg) Getting Started Lap Book 0-325-01479-5 978-0-325-01479-1
Mop (4 pack) 0-325-02353-0 978-0-325-02353-3

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  1. Baby L and I were at our local library on Monday and we noticed that you can check out the Mrs. Wishy Washy big book and the small copy! So cool!