Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writing Center Photos

An easy-to-use writing center is a vital part of an independent writing workshop.  You'll want to make sure kids can get to it from all the tables and areas in the classroom via a clear path.  The one pictured from Katie's room below has the following features:

  • Baskets of supplied for each table.
  • Sharpened and unsharpened pencil cups.
  • Flair pens.
  • Multiple paper choices for different learners.  Some have 2 lines, some have 4 lines, and some have 8 lines.  
  • A box for each table that holds the writing folders for students.
  • Supports like alphabet charts and mentor text.

    Sara's first grade writing center below has a folder bucket for each table as well as a cup holder for different kinds of supplies.  You can place pens, scissors, and revision strips and pens in most first grade classrooms (especially if kids learned how to use scissors, tape and revision strips in kindergarten).   You can also see Sara has her own bucket in the writing center.  This can hold samples of your own writing, your conferring notes, or perhaps some mentor text you want to carry around with you as you confer.  The paper choices are in the baskets on the top of the shelving unit.

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