Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Word Study Up and Running

Some teachers have asked me to post charts or photos of the word study routines that other teachers have used while teaching with Words Their Way Resources.

Remember that before you begin your word study work, you will want to assess your students to determine their spelling stage.  You can use the Spelling Inventory in the back of the Words Their Way guidebook.

Then, you'll need to read about the activities appropriate for each stage and get the sorts or other materials to match those activities.  I think the teacher resource guides are the most helpful.  You'll want to be sure you get the right guide to match the stage(s) where your students need to work.  The stages are as follows (with links for the teacher guidebooks):

After that, you'll want to read about the work your children will do in this stage and decide on a 4-5 day word study routine for your class.  Marcella and her colleagues decided on the following routine for second grade students.  Most of the students were in the Letter Name Alphabetic Stage or the Within Word Pattern Stage.  This meant students could do more written recording in word study notebooks.  Photos from Marcella's room are featured below.

Marcella also made the shelf below with bins for each small group in her classroom.  Students have a notebook for recording their work, and a folder that holds baggies or envelopes with their sorts.

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